Box Deals on Bindis and Indian Jewellery

Box Deals on Bindis and Indian Jewellery

Our box deals have been so popular that we have decided to make it a permanent feature of our company. We will be putting our new box deals as the festive season approaches. You can also customise a box for yourself however terms and conditions apply. 
The following is possible with a box deal: 

1. You may replace any piece of beaded jewellery from Arisha’s Designs with a piece of your choice. You will still qualify for a discount. 
2. You may replace any of the bindis with any stock available. You will be given a discount however this will only be calculated once you have finalised your box. 
3. Jewellery cannot be replaced with any of the imported pieces.  
3. Customised boxes need to be ordered via WhatsApp. Please contact Terri on 0645032880. 

Customised boxes are the ideal gifting ideas. You can gift them at weddings, engagements, haldee and nalangu ceremony’s for the bride or if it’s your wedding, you can gift them to your guests or your wedding party. Gift them for Christmas and even for birthdays! The possibilities are endless! We can even help you come up with ideas! In addition if you want something in your box that we don’t currently stock, we can source it for you or if it’s beaded jewellery, Arisha can make it up for you. We only ask that if you need something sourced or made that you give us adequate time to do this. 

We hope to hear from you soon! 

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